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I have lost/damaged one of my chess pieces. Can you provide replacement single pieces?

In short, yes.


Although our chess pieces are extremely strong, durable and made to last a lifetime its not impossible to break or damage them. Some sets, with extremely detailed protrusions, are particularly susceptible if dropped onto a hard surface from a significant height. To that end we can provide replacement parts for any which are damaged or lost. 


Whenever you purchase a Skiradvie Crafts chess set you will receive two Certificates of Authenticity cards which provide some details specific to your individual set. This information will be required when contacting us for replacements and therefore these cards should be retained.


Please note that the process of creating your original Chess Pieces is a complex one which is dependent on many factors including temperature and humidity. If replacements are ordered we will do everything we can to match as closely as possible your original specification. However, there may be some small difference as an exact match is almost impossible to achieve. The cost of your replacement piece will be dependent on the size of the piece in question.

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