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How do I order?

Skiradvie crafts offers a friendly, fully personalised service to help you create your hand crafted bespoke chess set, whether its a gift for yourself or as a future heirloom to pass on.

From picking a set from our wide range of choices; to understanding the weight and size, choosing your ideal colour combinations and preferred finishes, we are here to help you from start to finish.

Once you have chosen the style and colours we will give you a 28 day guaranteed quote and let you know how long you have to wait to see the dream become a reality. We aim to have your set with you within 28 days, although it's often much sooner.

Payment is collected once your set has been hand made to your specifications and once you are happy, we will post it to your chosen address. Gift personalisation can be arranged on request.

To get started on creating your set email us at

While we are very proud of the bespoke service we offer, we know that sometimes you want something less specific, or even just to window shop our collection. For those situations we have a selection of pre made items in stock. These are often the results of our exploring new styles, colours, finishes and techniques. Meeting the same high standards as all our work, these sets will be frequently updated and rarely will you see two the same. Check back periodically to see what we've created and see what we have been making while you were away.

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