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Casting Materials

One of our key aims at Skiradvie Crafts it to provide a product which not only looks visually appealing when purchased, and will be a talking point for anyone who sees it, but also one which will stand the test of time. We want our products to be enjoyed for many years ahead and as such use casting materials to suit.

Unlike many manufacturers, who use plaster based materials to cast with, at Skiradvie Crafts we only cast with Polyester Resin. This is a much more challenging casting process for us but provides you with a product that has several key benefits:-

  • Polyester resin is far stronger and more durable than plaster or similar stone cast based products.

  • Colours are fixed in the resin prior to casting  instead of being applied afterwards in the form of a paint. This means the entire cast is the same colour throughout the piece.

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